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Andy Lovatt

By Feb.08, 2018

Andy Lovatt is Founder and MD or The White Room, a digital training consultancy based in Manchester whose clients include News UK, BSkyB, SONY Entertainment Europe and the IPA.  They are lead partners in the North West for Creative Pioneers, an industry supported campaign to increase the number of apprenticeships and improve the standard of training for the digital, advertising and marketing industry.

He was one of the founding directors of City Life Magazine in the early eighties and a Research Fellow at the Manchester Institute for Popular Culture at MMU in the 1990s. He then left to become Managing Director of the Creative Industries Development Service (CIDS), and was the first Head of Creative and Digital Industries at the NWDA, leading the team that brought the BBC to Salford.

After a spell with consultancy New Media Partners, he founded The White Room in 2007. A merger with, then and then MBO from, Mediasmiths International led to the re-launch of The White Room in May 2014.

In 2015 Andy and his team, together with IPA member businesses developed Digital Advantage to bridge the gap between digital education and employment. It has proved a great success enabling young people to develop the knowledge, attitudes and digital skills they need to succeed. We are now using 15 industry practitioners to deliver to over 30 schools, colleges and NEET organisations in the NW.

He is a Trustee of Brighter Sound and a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

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